Terms and Conditions

Updated July 2021

Bedlam Books acknowledges and respects the author’s copyright over their manuscript.

Copyright of Bedlam’s reports remains with the assessors and cannot be published or otherwise used without prior written approval.

Manuscripts are to be submitted in Word format via our web form

Once your manuscript has been assigned to an assessor, you will receive confirmation and an approximate completion date.

Every report we do is different, but as a guide, you can expect our reports to be in the vicinity of the following lengths:

  • Intensive assessment
    between 2,000- 2,500 words
  • Manuscript assessment
    between 2,000 – 5,000 words
  • Children’s picture book assessments
    between 1,500 – 2,000 words
  • Publisher submission appraisals
    approximately 1,000 words

Note, we do not guarantee any particular length of report, but the above can be used as a guide.

Reports will include some annotation of the text of your manuscript for demonstration purposes, but copy editing is not part of any of our manuscript assessment services unless this has been previously arranged and a fee paid.

Any advice provided by Bedlam Books is given in good faith.

Receiving an assessment from Bedlam Books does not guarantee publication of your writing. That said, an assessment from Bedlam Books may help you polish your work for submission to a commercial publisher.

Bedlam Books will not approach publishers on your behalf.

As professionals who have been in this business for over 20 years, we stand by our reports as considered professional opinion, based on our experience in the industry. We do not offer refunds should you not agree with our report.

Bedlam Books reserves the right to decline manuscripts and payments at its sole discretion without further correspondence.