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Intensive assessments

This type of assessment is best suited to first-time authors.

What to send:
Up to 10,000 words

Manuscript assessments

For more experienced authors whose work we have previously assessed or who have other publications.

What to send:
Up to 80,000 words

Manuscript assessments additional words

For manuscripts longer than 80,000 words, add this option to your purchase. A separate fee applies for each additional 10,000 words (or part thereof).

What to send:
Up to 10,000 additional words

Assessments of publisher proposals

Bedlam Books also offers publisher proposal assessments for writers preparing to submit their manuscript to a publisher.

What to send:
Up to 6,000 words plus covering letter

Copy-editing quotations

Copy editing should only be done when the manuscript is in final draft stage. It is not suitable for early drafts.

Intensive assessments: two week turn-around service

Intensive assessments only

What to send:
Up to 10,000 words

How do I arrange an Assessment?

1. Complete our application form to submit your manuscript

2. Pay securely for your assessment with credit card

3. We’ll get back to you to confirm your application

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T.R. YA novelist, VIC

“I appreciated the quick response to my manuscript. I felt that it was thoroughly examined and provided purposeful criticism for an author just starting out. I took on the feedback and am currently working through the entire manuscript with these ideas and comments in mind.”

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