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Bedlam Books understands the time, passion, and sometimes anguish, it takes to create a manuscript. This is why our assessments are honest and professional and always treat the author’s efforts with respect.

We offer a range of services so that you can choose one appropriate to your needs:


D.B. Adult novelist, WA

“I was extremely pleased with the Intensive Assessment report that I received from Bedlam Books. As a first-time author, receiving such thorough, thoughtful and constructive feedback has helped me enormously. I particularly appreciated the fact that the report not only highlighted weak areas of my manuscript but also contained practical suggestions as to how these areas might be improved. I would highly recommend the Intensive Assessment to anyone who is starting out as a writer.”

About Bedlam Books

Bedlam Books is a micro business. This means that most of our assessments are completed by either Marie or Emma – two word nerds, who want to help you turn your writing straw into gold.

Writers are poorly paid, work in isolation and often feel disconnected from their peers, which is why our philosophy is simple: we provide professional, honest advice that will help our clients improve their writing. And we do this at an affordable price.

Intensive assessments

This type of assessment is best suited to first-time authors.

What to send:
Up to 10,000 words

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